About Me

I'm a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a caregiver, a kisser of boo-boo's, a hand to hold, an expert in sarcasm, an easy smile, and a lover of life.

I'm married and have two kids.  Said kids keep us on our toes constantly, but we have a lot of fun.  :)

Why do I blog?

I take care of 4 kids (total) during the week, and have no adults to talk to, so I have to have an outlet for my blather.  No, really, I feel as though writing a blog gives me a place for all the t hings I've said, want to say, can't say, think, feel and believe.

What do I do in my "down time?"

I hang out with my awesome husband and our awesome kids, ages 4 and 1.  Older, Bailey, is often known as Bee, Miss Bee, Miss Sassy Pants, or Big Sister.  Younger, Gabe, is also known as Puppy, Mr. Cranky Pants, Bipolar Baby, or Baby Boy.  We like to sit around in our jammies, watching movies and eating popcorn.  When it's nice enough, we stay outside as much as possible, playing in our awesome backyard, grilling, taking bike rides, and watching my husband drive his radio control cars up and down our street (dork!).

What did you do "in the real world" before you became a stay at home parent?

I worked in the social services field, mostly focused on mental health and/or chemical dependency.

Anything else I feel the desperate need to share?

--I like chocolate. A lot. If you want to win my affection, buy me chocolate in massive quantities.
--I text in complete sentences, with correct grammar and punctuation.  It makes me feel smart.
--I buy Mom Jeans and I make no excuses for it.
--I brought two fat babies into this world, and am trying to learn to wear my curves with pride.
--I don't wear makeup except on rare occasions because I'm lazy.
--My favorite color is purple, and yet my favorite flower is the yellow rose.

There's not much else to say except:

Take whatever I say with a grain of salt because I could very likely be full of crap.
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